June 11, 2019


As one of the co-founders of PYB, Doug Young has played an integral role in PYB’s success from the very beginning. From a very young age Doug knew just how important the game of basketball was to him. From attending 5-Star basketball camp in the Poconos, 76ers basketball camp, to playing pickup on the Narberth courts, basketball has always been a place of comfort for Doug. As he explained, “I have always loved the game; the court has always been my happy place—a place of comfort.” 

Doug, a Lower Merion kid, attended high school at Lower Merion high school where he starred on the basketball team and was named team captain his senior year. During his senior year Doug helped a raw freshman from Italy, named Kobe Bryant, mold him into the player he became. Doug attended Dartmouth College, where he found a great passion in coaching. Working as an assistant coach at Hanover High in New Hampshire, Doug experienced first-hand what it meant to give back.

After college, Doug moved to New York City to work in the marketing division of the NBA league office. There Doug helped launch the D-League (now G-League), the WNBA, and the Business of Basketball, a platform where players can talk about the business of the game. Doug was offered a position to come back home, and work in the Lower Merion School District, working as the communication director. Most exciting for Doug, it was a chance to coach at his alma mater, where he helped lead the Aces to multiple state championships. 

Thirteen years later, Doug left his position at Lower Merion (but still remains an active part of the Aces coaching staff), with a goal to get back into the business side of sports. Young created Athletes Ink, a platform for athletes to communicate directly to their fans, and convey their own goals and message. With clients such as Mason Plumlee, Daniel Jones, and Eli Manning, Young has experienced great success early on in his startup. 

Connection with PYB:

As co-founder of PYB, Young has always had a deep passion for giving back, and working with kids; striving to give kids the opportunity to play the game that has impacted him so deeply. As he said, “You want to connect in a cause you believe in, rooted in passion and interest.” Doug believes PYB has become a connector of Philadelphia basketball, reaching communities and people that previously never had the chance to connect. Basketball has opened so many doors for Doug, and he believes that if the same opportunities are presented to the youth it could do the same. 

Goals for PYB: 

The main goal Doug has for PYB is to change the lives/trajectory of as many kids as possible. As explained by Young, “How can we go from impacting hundreds of kids’ lives, to tens of thousands? That is the main focus on everyone’s mind at PYB.” He is also focused on how PYB can evaluate the change they are making within the community, bringing quantitative and qualitative analysis to their organization. Doug is driven to continue the consistent approach to helping kids, and develop community change around the greater Philadelphia area. He believes, with the combined approach of academic enrichment, and basketball coaching and mentorship, the PYB reach is limitless.