BACK IN ACTION: Lace Up & Learn Up!

PYB is launching the Back in Action: Lace Up & Learn Up Campaign to raise funds for our summer programming. When the city begins to reopen this summer, young people everywhere will need to feed their minds and bodies like never before. Our goal is to prevent the well-documented “summer slide” that young people experience when school is out, which due to COVID-19, has been increased to a five- to six-month layoff.

The Lace Up & Learn Up Summer Camp Series will feature both in-person and virtual programs that are primed and ready to go as soon as we get the green light from local, state, and national bodies regarding Return to Play protocols across the city.

Our fundraising goal for the Back in Action: Lace Up & Learn Up campaign is $100,000. This is all to create an effective, robust, and, most importantly, safe program over the summer!

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The total cost for the Lace Up & Learn Up Summer Camp Series is $270,000. This Back in Action campaign, combined with funding from the regional foundation and business communities, will enable us to create an effective, robust, and, most importantly, safe program over the summer. 

“We have always wanted to build an organization and program that was not just
for the community, but that was of, by, and with the community.”

#FundraisingFriday Video Series

Over the next four weeks we will share details about our organization and stories from our three core programs that will inspire. Our hope is that you will come to know us and the work we do just a little bit better, and that you’ll see that a gift to PYB is a gift that will make a difference!

Every Monday, keep an eye out for a weekly email highlighting the upcoming week. Make sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for daily content throughout the week. And last, but certainly not least, join us for our #FundraisingFriday Video Series on Facebook Live every Friday at 10 a.m. to hear from voices throughout the organization as they share more about PYB in their own words!

PYB Programmatic Growth – June 5th, 2020

In Episode 1, Human Resources & Program Manager Kyle Lafferty talks about how much PYB’s programs have grown. A member of the inaugural Corporate Internship cohort, Kyle also talks of his personal growth and the memorable moments he has made with the young people we impact.

Summer Camp Program Spotlight – June 12th, 2020

In Episode 2, Program Director Eric Worley and Summer Camp Coach-Mentor Erick Woods discuss the history and progress of our Collegiate Summer Camp Series (CSCS). They also talk about our Lace Up & Learn Up Summer Camp Series and the innovative components blended into the CSCS framework to be as safe and sanitized as possible.

HoopHers Program Spotlight – June 19th, 2020

In Episode 3, Manager of Programming Randy Butler reflects on HoopHers, our girls empowerment program and the positive growth she has seen in not only the young girls, but the coaches as well. She also talks of her own growth with PYB and emerging as a leader on par with late NBA Legend Kobe Bryant and WNBA Champion Elena Delle Donne.

Middle School Partnership Program Spotlight         

June 26th, 2020

In Episode 4, Social Impact Manager Peter Kaffenberger discusses our Middle School Partnership Program and the positives strides the flagship program has made since our inception, highlighting our measurement & evaluation strategy that drives year-over-year program improvements!

The Lace Up & Learn Up Summer Camp Series

When the city begins to reopen this summer, young people will need to feed their minds and bodies like never before. Summer learning loss is more severe for Black and Latinx students even before accounting for a pandemic, and empirical evidence shows that inequality rises while opportunity and achievement gaps widen when schools are closed. These gaps often manifest themselves primarily in the form of access to books, activities, and technology.* 

That’s why PYB is doubling down on our commitment to young people and their well-being whenever Philadelphia reopens this summer. Though we won’t be on our usual campuses as colleges and universities understandably protect their communities, our new Lace Up & Learn Up Summer Camp Series is ready to provide experiences for some of our City’s most-deserving youth!

*from Leveraging Findings from OST Research and Practice to Lessen COVID-19 Learning Gaps by BellXcel & SCRI

Each of six (6) camp locations will feature six (6) weeks of programming for 20-25 participants featuring:

🏃 Skill Development

📚 Academic Enrichment

🤝 Coaching & Mentorship

🍎 Healthy Lunch & Nutrition Education

🏛️ College Campus Tour

To supplement an in-person program for campers who prefer a virtual experience a Zoom-based virtual camp will feature:

🏃 Skill-building, Agility, & Conditioning

📚 Academic Group Discussions

🍎 Nutritional Workshops

⭐ Special Guest Speaker

Thank you for your support!

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Lauren E. Angelucci
Kristin Arce
Don Astheimer
Adrienne Athanas and Toby Linden
Suzanne Athanas
Grace Athanas-Linden
Aimee M. Avellino
Michael Beer
Nitharul Bhuiyan
Troy S Brown
Lois Brownstein
Sarah Burlew
Amy Cardamone
Makai Charles
Andrea and Bernard Clyman
Danielle Cofone
Lynn Cozzi
Colette and Keith Davenport
Miles Davenport
Sydney Davenport
James Dougherty Dodderidge
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Michael Egan
Stanley Eng
Ally Esposito
Jerry Fagliano
John Fitzpatrick
Ernest R. Flores
Carolyn and Matthew Grady
Kevin Grugan
Jill and Jimmy Haber
Justin Haber
Audrey Holdsman
Daniel Holdsman
Len Holdsman
Terry and Ann Marie Horner
Matthew Howard
David Hyman
Peter Kaffenberger

 Victoria Kaffenberger
Phillip Kamen
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Andy Lafond
Tammy Lai
Justin Lai
Anne Lazarus
Kafi Lindsay
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MarySheila McDonald (Dean at LaSalle)
Colleen and Patrick McGuire
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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Lace Up & Learn Up Summer Camp Series take place?
While we are still figuring out exact dates, the camp will run from mid-June to the beginning of August. Stay tuned for more information!
How much will the Lace Up & Learn Up Summer Camp Series cost?

The in-person experience of the Lace Up & Learn Up Summer Camp Series is $350 per camper, per week. The virtual experience costs $80 per camper, per week.

Are there still scholarships for families who qualify?

Yes! To help cover the costs of attending our camps for families who have specific income levels, we offer 50% and 75% scholarships to cover costs. To learn more about how to apply for a scholarship, please email Kyle Lafferty, PYB Program & Human Resources Manager,

I don't have the resources to make a gift. Is there something else I can do?
100% Support of any kind is a great gift to make to any organization. Please follow all of PYB social media and repost our content to help spread the word about our campaign. Once our programming returns to normal, there will also be various chances to volunteer. We highly suggest you subscribe to our email newsletter to never miss any PYB news!