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MSPP Finished with a SLAM DUNK!

Year 3 of the Middle School Partnership Program (MSPP) concluded last month. We were delighted with the level of participation at each school site, the energy in the school's gymnasiums and classrooms, the engagement during the off-court, educational modules, the team...

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HoopHers League Championship Recap and Final Thoughts!

Not long ago, PYB's HoopHers program was announced and in it's first run expectations were hopeful to what the program could eventually become. A couple weeks later, the program wrapped up its very successful, inaugural season with a March Madness style...

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X’s and O’s by Kenny Holdsman – March 2018

For those people who believe that democracy is a contact sport to be played by active, engaged citizens, we are living in a transformative moment in our country's history. Social progress is moving at a rapid pace as more people from various corners of our society are...

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A Day in the Life of Eddie Lee

Monday, March 19th 9:15 -- Arrive at PYB office located in Center City 9:30 -- Catch up with everyone in the office and see how their weekends turned out. 9:45 Staff Meeting -- Begin to game plan what the workweek will look like with all of the staff. We talk about...

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HoopHers Forum – Championship Night [3.15.18] Cherelle Dennis

HoopHers, please leave your responses in the comment section below! What is the NCAA Clearinghouse and why is it important? What academic requirements do you need to qualify for DI or DII sports? How many official and unofficial visit is a student athlete allowed to...

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