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PYB Podcast: Ep. 1

On the first episode of the relaunched PYB Podcast series as a part of PYB Voice, host Danny Holdsman sits down with Pete Kaffenberger, PYB's Social Impact Coordinator. Danny and Pete discuss PYB's academic model, the full scope and development...

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A Woman in the Making

Dear Reader, I’ve sat for hours and hours trying to figure out how I should start this, what I should say, what my words will convey. Part of the reason this process is difficult is because I’m not usually one to talk about myself… ever! I love to listen to others'...

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PYB and Me

I want to take this time to write about why I went to PYB Basketball Camp.  Last year at camp I learned that it was a very nice camp that really made me better in basketball on and off of the court. I have gotten way better in drills and in games because the coaches...

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Falling in Love With the Game of Basketball

As many don't know, I had a very late start in picking up a basketball, much less pursuing any type of career. Entering high school, my goal was to attend Princeton University on a full academic scholarship. Never in a million years would I have dreamed that I'd be...

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The Village

If someone were to ask me: “Where did you get your game from?” Naturally I would reflect upon the players who have influenced me on the court. Steve Nash’s passing ability and Allen Iverson’s heart are two examples that come to mind, but when I really think about it?...

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Dear Love

Written by: Michael Clark, Rising 11th Grader at The George School 2-year PYB Collegiate Summer Camp Series Student-athlete. (2017 - CSCS Weeks 1 & 2 / 2018 - CSCS Week 1)

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