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Philadelphia: A Home to All

When some people envision Philly, negative thoughts fill their mind. For some, the word “Philly” reminds them of violence, poverty, corruption, and failure. However, I want to share another perspective. I want to tell the world why I am proud to be from Philly. Taking...

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Gun Violence

Why are guns in this world? I have yet to hear a good argument for the purpose of guns and why our society deems them necessary. If you were to ask Richard Gatling, the inventor of the gun, he would say that guns were created for the military to use in combat....

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A Letter to My Younger Self

Dear Antonio, You do not know this yet, but you are about to embark on an incredible journey that will change your life forever. There will be many ups and downs, but you will overcome major obstacles along the way. At times you may feel a sense of joy, happiness, and...

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Basketball Justice Warriors

Most people often don't notice how substantial the impact basketball has on millions of people's lives. Every time you here a kid yell "Kobe!" as one of their classmates shoots their piece of paper into the trash can or a group of guys attempt to recreate the famous...

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Shoot A Ball, Not A Gun

Summer has just started and things are already hectic and dangerous in my neighborhood. I've been home from school for about two weeks, and there’s already been two shootings this week alone. Luckily, I've been at PYB camp this week, but maybe if I hadn’t decided to...

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Welcome to the PYB Voice

Philadelphia Youth Basketball is proud to announce the launch of "PYB Voice", our new platform through which the PYB community, especially our young student-athletes, will share first-person stories about compelling personal issues that connect to sports and society....

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