The Program Model


The facility’s programming will include a carefully blended mix of athletic, academic,

health and wellness, and leadership and character development activities, primarily for children, adolescents, and young adults ages 4-21 years old who enroll in programs as either individuals or as a part of a school, team or community group. The program participants will have a wide range of physical, intellectual, and social and emotional gifts and challenges. Adult participation in the programs will be made available only during off-peak hours to ensure that the facility is highly youth-centric and youth-focused.

  • Basketball and Athletic Training -recreational and competitive player development basketball programs such as skills and drills in clinic and private lesson format; strength and conditioning activities, and game play
  • Academic supports -tutoring, study hall, study and organizational skills, as well as college exposure and preparation opportunities focused on high school selection, course selection, SAT/ACT prep, and the college applications and selection process for young people to access college regardless of whether they seek to play collegiate basketball.
  • Leadership and Character Development – structured opportunities for personal growth and development through community service and civic engagement experiences inside and outside of the facility.
  • Health and Wellness Opportunities – on site expertise and equipment in the areas of healthy eating and nutrition, sports medicine, and basic family medical care.
  • Family and Community Engagement – programs will also be created to help family members, guardians, and other community members become stronger parents, caretakers, and advocates in support of their children and communities.

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